Alan Lipa


As CEO/President of Puncher Energy Drink USA, Alan manages and oversees product branding, sales and distribution of Puncher Energy Drinks and Puncher Energy Shots.

Our company mission exemplifies that Puncher Energy Drink USA is built on service, reliability and consistency. Our valued customers comes first and we pride ourselves in being professional and giving the highest level of service.

Energy drinks while driving

According to some researchers it is advised to drink two cans of a functional energy drink.

Some driver training specialists have also promoted energy drinks as an aid to fighting fatigue among drivers.

Research by the Loughborough Sleep Research Center shows that one can of functional energy drink is effective in reducing moderate levels of sleepiness.

The center also found that consuming two cans would almost eliminate moderate levels of sleepiness and sleep-related driving impairments for about 90 minutes after the drink had taken effect.

One study showed that an energy drink with 80 mg of caffeine per can i.e. PUNCHER, is as, if not more, effective as a cup of coffee, which varies from 20 - 120 mg of caffeine.

Some driving specialist have emphasized that drivers should keep a can in their car for use to enhance driver safety.

PUNCHER gives you an effective and dynamic mix of B-Vitamins, Niacin, Taurine and Caffeine that makes it a unique energy drink. PUNCHER enhances energy and improves stamina as well as increasing endurance.

With its unique formula of Antioxidants, Ascorbic Acids and Inositol, PUNCHER is the energy drink that really works.

PUNCHER displays the Kosher symbol thus guaranteeing that the best and acceptable ingredients are used, as well as being manufactured under 100% healthy and hygienic conditions.

The kosher symbol on a label represents so much more than a product that just conforms to religious standards. It is viewed as a mark of quality and an added safeguard, tantamount to the famous "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Gone are the days when food or a beverage was purchased indiscriminately, merely on the basis of taste or eye appeal. Consumers examine the ingredient panel of products, as well as the nutritional information prominently displayed on the label. They are extremely concerned about the food or beverage they eat or drink, questioning manufacturing processes, as well as the choice of ingredients used. The kosher symbol, with the monitoring and care it represents, ensures the highest quality standards to the largest and most diverse consumer audience.

“The growing popularity of kosher food is a response to a more general cultural anxiety about industrialization of the food supply.”

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